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4 Tips to Help Your Child at the Dentist

The best time for your child's first visit is 2 1/2 to 3 years old. Of course if you have a concern, at any age, don't hesitate to come to our office. But we find the most success and cooperation occurs around the age of 3. Here are our best tips for parents to try to ensure a successful 1st visit.

1. Lead By Example

Parents that brush and floss, have children that brush and floss. Parents that talk positivly about their dental visits have children that have postive dental expirences.

2. Don't Say The Word "Hurt"

Your child has no idea what to expect at his dental visit. Please do not but the possiblity of pain into his mind. Our team has ways of explaining a dental cleaning, a filling or an extraction to you child in a kind, pleasant, age appropriate way. Your child may surprise you! In fact we have had children fall asleep during fillings and children that need giggle breaks during a cleaning.

3. Read All About It.

Check out books at the library that explain what happens at the dentist.

4. Bring Your Child In To "Help"

We love it when parents bring their child in to their dental checkups. We often have them sit right next to Mom and help find sugar bugs. If they can see Mom is having fun, their visit will be more successful.

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