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As Dr. Jim Wachlarowicz closes his practice, it is my hope that I can continue with his legacy to serve you and your family’s dental needs. Dr. Jim and I have a good working relationship and similar dental beliefs and practices. I truly hope to earn your trust and promise to work with you .

Sauk Centre Family Dental is very happy to be part of the Sauk Centre community. Our family is eager to meet your family, and hopeful for the opportunity to serve you. We provide up to date, professional, and friendly dental care. You also will see some familiar faces at Sauk Centre Family Dental as many of Dr. Jim’s team members have joined our team!

As a dentist, I always say prevention is worth an ounce of cure, so it is my goal to educate patients and prevent problems from arising. With use of our new technology, I can show you exactly what I see and help you decide the best course of treatment. It is my job to explain and show you what the treatment plan is, but ultimately, it is your mouth and the final decision is always yours.

I hope you will give me and my team a chance to meet you and discuss your dental needs. We are all committed to providing you and your family excellent dental care and we are looking forward to seeing your smile.


Dr. Jason

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